How Fast is "Fast"?

When people start looking for a diet or weight loss program, they often want to find a quick fix to their weight solution.  And often "quick" means really lightning-fast to them - few days, or few weeks.  They desperately seeking for a magic pill or celebrity diet that will shed pounds off without lots of efforts.

When we are talking about fast weight loss, we always remind people to think about how long it took for all those pounds to gather under the skin.  Do you have a feeling that your body is secretly snacking when you are asleep?  It did not take a month or two, for sure, so expecting all that weight to come down in a blink of an eye is simply delusive.

Is Rapid-Fast Good?

Fast slimming recipes usually offer either very low caloric intake or some sort of medications called to block certain nutrients or to increase metabolism.  Neither is very healthy and may lead to complications of many medical issues.  Often, such methods of weight loss lead to yo-yo type of dieting, when the weight lost within few weeks is put back very quickly.  Returning to pre-diet weight is typical, but putting few extra pounds on top of pre-diet weight is also very common.  Why would one want to shed pounds quick just to see more weight coming back?

The Challenges

Being on a weight control program for weeks and months requires motivation, discipline and support.  Narrow food choices of many diets also play fatal role in diet control, making regular high-calories food more tempting than usual and it often leads to cheating or complete abandonment of a diet.

Dr. Robertus' Solution

Dr. Robertus Diet & Weight Control Program offers delicious variety of balanced protein foods from Ideal Protein.  Because of the balanced nature of the food, it naturally suppresses appetite giving you the sense of filling without temptation to cheat.  Optimal combination of nutrients promotes fat burning but helps preserving muscle and other lean tissues.  Ideal Protein food allows your body to re-align the insulin production that normalizes blood sugar level and suppresses appetite.  On Dr. Robertus Diet & Weigh Control Program diet you are still enjoying fresh food you make once a day.  This diet allows fast and safe weigh loss in the settings of our clinic.

As your health is paramount at Dr. Robertus Diet & Weight Control Program, doctor supervision ensures that your weight loss is not harming your health or worsening any existing health conditions.  Multi-stage program approach ensures natural transition from dieting to normal eating.  Patients with variety of health issues can benefit from Dr. Robertus Diet & Weight Control Program.  The latest medical guidelines suggest low-calories, protein diet as a weight loss option to prevent such diseases like stroke, heart attack and many more.

This is more than ordinary weight loss.

After you achieve your healthy weight you can enjoy food again and your life after diet, we, actually, will make you eat the right way so your weight will continue to be stable.

How Do I Start?

We will be happy to schedule your appointment and go over details of the program in person.  To schedule an appointment you can request it using our web contact form here or simply call us:

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How to make an appointment?

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