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Migraine Headache Control

Migraine Headache Control treatment is available in our Richmond Hill office.

Migraine headaches are affecting up to 1 in 10 people in North America.  If you suffer from these types of devastating headaches and if you unsuccessfully tried other ways of treatment, Migraine Headache Control Injections performed in our office might be a solution for you.  Please note that a prescription drug is used for this treatment, so the cost of medication for the procedure may be covered by drug insurance plans. Please contact us for more details on the procedure and check with your health insurance provider for eligibility.

About Migraine Headaches
Causes of Migraine
Control of Migraine Headaches
Injections for Migraines
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About Migraine Headaches

According to statistics, more than 1 in 10 people in North America have migraine headaches. Migraine is a debilitating condition, characterized by moderate to severe headache, mostly, affecting one half of the head. Very often migraines accompanied by nausea, vomiting, increased sensitivity to light and/or noise. Migraine pains are usually pulsating in nature and may be aggravated by regular daily activities.

About one third of people with migraines have certain "warning" symptoms before headache starts. Those symptoms are called aura, and may include visual disturbances (such as seeing funny patterns or spots of light or colour), or other changes in senses (like unusual or funny smell or taste.)

Cause of Migraines

Exact cause of migraine is not known. We know that migraine happens when brain becomes hyperactive in response to some external triggers, like sounds, light or smells. The reason of such hyperactivity is unknown though.

Hormonal triggers

Women suffer from migraines 3 times more frequently than men and most migraine sufferers have link between migraines and hormone fluctuations. Those hormonal waves can cause headache to start. Migraines may start as early as puberty and can continue in adult life, however most women stop having migraines after menopause.

Food triggers

Food can very commonly cause migraine headaches. Alcohol, especially red wine and beer, are often named as migraine triggers. Other common food to cause migraine include:

  • chocolate
  • aged cheese
  • pickled or marinated food
  • caffeine and caffeine-contained drinks (coffee, cola)
  • aspartame (part of some artificial sweeteners)
  • monosodium glutamate (MSG) - a taste enhancer added to some food (often to Chinese food) and seasonings

Other Triggers

Other triggers of migraines include:

  • sleeping pattern changes (too much too little sleep)
  • stress
  • hunger
  • atmospheric pressure changes

Control of Migraine Headaches

One of the important ways to control migraine is to identify the triggers and make every effort to avoid themUnfortunately, some triggers are difficult to avoid and many migraine sufferers require medications to control headaches.

Several groups of medications are used to prevent migraine headaches ranging from blood pressure controlling drugs and antidepressant to anti-seizure medications, muscle relaxants and vitamins Botox (OnabotulinumtoxinA), a medication used for treating various medical conditions as well as for cosmetic purposes, has been approved for migraine prevention by Health Canada since November 14, 2011.  According to several studies, Botox was effective in prevention of chronic migraine headaches that occur 15 days or more per month.

Non-drug treatment methods like relaxation, behavioral therapy and acupuncture may decrease number of migraine attacks and can be used in combination with drug therapies.

Injections for Migraines

Patients that suffered from chronic migraine attacks noted, that after receiving cosmetic Botox injections to improve appearance of upper facial lines, their migraine became less frequent and in some cases stopped at all.  This effect of muscle relaxing protein have been studied extensively since then.  Several studies completed in 2010 in University of Essen in GermanySwedish Neuroscience Institute in USA and Mayo Clinic, USA showed that injections of muscle-relaxing drug were effective for prevention of headaches in adults with chronic migraines.  Since then, the United States and the United Kingdom and Canada approved the use of Botox as one of the methods to prevent migraine headaches in chronic cases.

Can I Have Injection Treatment for Migraine Headaches Prevention?

Before considering the treatment in our office, it is advisable to see your family doctor and have your chronic migraine diagnosis confirmedHeadaches and other symptoms, like visual disturbances or smell changes, can be experienced in medical conditions other than migraines.  The injections of muscle-relaxing agent can help you to control the number of migraine attacks, but it is not a treatment for acute migraine headache.  It is also not a first choice of treatment and we usually recommend it for people who failed other treatment methods.

How to make an appointment?

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Please note that to make appointments through the web site you will need to register and provide your e-mail address and telephone number for follow-up. Please click here to be redirected to the appointment section.


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