Doctor Supervised Weight Loss

Doctor Supervision for Your Safety

Dr. Robertus Diet & Weigh Control Program was designed by a physician.  This programs offers significantly rapid weight loss and it is very important that doctor supervision is available at all times.  We ensure that doctor follows up with you and monitors your progress making sure your medical conditions benefit from the pounds you lose.

Dr. Robertus Diet & Weight Control Program is based on Ideal Protein diet. It uses medically proven and optimally designed and balanced food that provides quick weight loss, promotes fat burning and retains muscle tissue.

At our clinic your weight loss progress is always under control of a physician, your diet is balanced and scientifically proven to work.  Patients with variety of health issues can benefit from Dr. Robertus Diet & Weight Control Program.  The latest medical guidelines suggest low-calories, protein diet as a weight loss option to prevent such diseases like stroke, heart attack and many more.

This is more than ordinary weight loss.

After you achieve your healthy weight you can enjoy food again and your life after diet, we, actually, will make you eat the right way so your weight will continue to be stable.

How to make an appointment?

To receive an individual consultation you can make an appointment with the staff at our clinic. To do so you can use our appointment system on this web site, or call us at

(905) 883-1033 Richmond Hill

Please note that to make appointments through the web site you will need to register and provide your e-mail address and telephone number for follow-up. Please click here to be redirected to the appointment section.


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